The Polar Bear by Marius Kociejowski

Encore Literary Magazine is very proud to be hosting a reading with poet, essayist and travel writer Marius Kociejowski. On Tuesday October 30, 7pm at Burritoville in Montreal, Marius will be joined by fellow authors Robyn Sarah and Jesse Eckerlin. “The Polar Bear” is excerpted from his collection of poems entitled, Doctor Honoris Causa (Anvil Press, 1993).

The Polar Bear

                  for A.

The polar bear in the zoo
Probes the night with his wet snout
And swings his enormous head.

The act is repeated and repeated,
A woolly thing wound up
And played to the finish.

It is the spring’s madness:
How it imbues the wind
That blows across the city

Loosening shingle and bending branch
To where above your sleeping head
The window shakes in its embrasure.

I listen to your small breathing.
My daughter, I seek a connection
Between all this: these are distances

The stammering mind cannot hold.
A spider draws a line of thin silk
Across the room’s impossible length.

If the thought seems hard
I could hum you a song.
But the immeasurable racks us,

So finally it is fathomed
Only by love and even then
Not so easily gauged.

The polar bear plods
Along the continual path
That runs through your sleep

And through me, and outside
The wind knocks still louder.
The spider curls into a ball.

You are nudged awake.
Sleep, child; it is only
A dream I made for you.