P.K. Page: 1916-2010

P. K. Page … is, in brief, a phenomenon; a force majeur in Canadian literary and artistic life; a National Treasure. Her work, sprung from the praiseworthy ambition of the lavishly gifted, bestows upon us rich decades of protean accomplishment, of widespread honour and renown.  

— Richard Outram

P.K. Page is a visionary, a descendant of Blake and the alchemist writers.   — Kenneth Sherman
     Elegant, rigorous, fresh, P.K. Page’s work sings with a voice of independent character and maenad conjecture. It is a creature that lives on its own terms and terrain. It is startling, authoritative, and anti-sentimental, able to bear cool as well as passionate gazing at our own species. Her poems are always thinking – each line is thinking, while its six senses remain impeccably alert. Her poems live by wit, wisdom, sass, suspense and a muscular lissome synapse and diction.   — The Griffin Prize Judges’ Citation, 2003