Two More Poems By Grant Buday


Natural Forces

Behold gravity guide
your feet to the path
where trees drop limbs
like bolts of dead lightning
exposing stillborn rings,
concentric witness
to seasons lean and fat,
this deer trail a habit
of thought worn smooth
with use and shed antlers
gathered and carved
of a buck that could leap
this double-wide I call
home in deft defiance
of the same gravity that keeps
Mars and Saturn in their place.

A Higher Order of Being

No nibbler of tin cans our beloved Bella La Goatsi
makes a queenly progress astraddle a ripe and fullsome udder.
Suffering no doubt regarding her worth to the realm of milk
she selects the high road through the sheep muck,
such peasants those beasts bestuck with twigs and dags
while she wears her white coat like a royal stole,
our dowager Sanaan with the self regarding eye
brooking no insubordination or parvenus,
rears on her spindled legs and rams aside the rude
who eat off the ground while she dines high on the branch.

Grant Buday has published ten books. His most recent novel is The Delusionist  (Anvil Press, 2014) which was shortlisted for the Eric Hoffer Book Award.