On First Looking Into Frommer’s Panama by Donald McGrath

The author notes that this poem was written in response to the Irish writer Sean O'Brian in an online issue of the Guardian, which picked it as a poem of the week. O'Brian was also riffing off Keats's sonnet On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer--


MUCH have I travelled in ye realms of olde
And many bookish goody-two-shoes seen;
Round many Western islands have I trolled
In my Mini Cooper polished to a sheen
That Françoise Hardy plucked her eyebrows in, between
Renditions of Oh Oh Chéri, in a demesne
Beautiful librarians in cardigans eschewed
(Such places were, they said, so very rude).
They’d rather stay at home and write a novel
And keep mum about it in some Romantic hovel
And stare out sometimes at the sky, unlike the wren
Of the genus Campylorhynchus, which sings
Frequently from exposed perches, and spreads its wings
As eager as an Irishman for stout, a beatific
Smile on his face no less pacific
Than that Ocean that Cortez with his stout men
Looked silently upon, upon
A peak in the tapón del Darién .