Last Friday Night by Nathaniel G. Moore

This is the Zodiac speaking in answer
to your asking for more DEETAIL
about the good times I have had
in the vallejo area, I shall be veryy
happy to specify the rolly polly deets
of my last FRY night at CIRO’S the slut
bar cocaine den where the Thorncliffe strangler
and his family go for their weekly
alcoholic rage banquets

On the 2nd DECEMBER I raged war with several patrons
over their immoral ingestitude & my pontification
was met with laughter then patron policy revisionism
of less things ingestitude all-attitude down it like fawn
to stream; a hostile capsule from an overflowing corruption
pond while I pen fake experiences on stall wall:
your wife did a bump in the bathroom then bloomed
and wrist watches were left behind
but the ATM still slits your throat
the bartender lifts a pharmacy fingerprint.
I am now in control of less things.

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