Bedroom by Richard Outram

Encore Literary Magazine is extremely proud to have permission from the executors of the estate of the late Richard Outram to present work by one of Canada’s great poets. In the months to come, poems by Outram will be periodically featured here, thus helping to keep alive the singular voice of, in the words of Alberto Manguel, “one of the finest poets in the English language.”

Light, by stealth, at last has occupied
The citadels and forests thus made plain,
The intricacy frost has ramified,
Our mingled breath condensed upon the pane

Of simple glass that keeps us from the night;
And in which after dark, returned by chance,
Darkened reflection offered us the sight
Of all our naked likeness at a glance.

I waken, still enamoured, given pause
By you, my deeply sleeping wife,
The certainty of death, as a lost cause,
The luminous unlikelihood of life.