A new poem by Shane Neilson

Two Year Old Birthday Sonnet

Two years old and it’s easy to buy for you: a car
with Doppler roars, a banging game, a tool belt.
I’m afraid I do not know what you are:
seer of my sadness, negotiator of tuck in time. I’ve felt
your weight, watched your tumbleweed gait,
saw the far-away play in eyes too close to mine.
Pain makes you cry. It is our shared state:
the difference is, I anticipate. The sign
that you will not be like me: early morning,
I hear you in your crib, happy with the request
to get up. My mornings start with warnings
to not betray the day before. Your quest
is today: where the treasures are truly blessed.
My son, on your birthday, the only recapitulation
that joy anoints, I’ve a few trinkets time purchased.
All approximation.