A new poem by Jesse Eckerlin

Encore Literary Magazine is very proud to be hosting a reading with poet and essayist Jesse Eckerlin. On Tuesday October 30, 7pm at Burritoville in Montreal, Jesse will be joined by fellow authors Robyn Sarah and Marius Kociejowski. “In Bloom” is previously unpublished.

In Bloom

Pale minnows jab the sopped flesh of white bread
In this pond. Bottom-feeders stalk
The bowel-foul, gangrenous refuse of the niche-market
What heaved it there. My iris flits the coiled orifice
Of the bullreed-hinged calamity & staggers
For a second’s thin flight, shattering malignant as Angrignon’s born.

There’s still forbearance to teach to the ashes
Of the dockside firepits, the small matter of ennui
& canned glory to concede. Therefore: I can’t leave.
So many small bones I’d yet spread on my breakfast toast,
Counter-clock, won’t rub away the stain the age of reason’s
Left on this season.

Hence, the terrier that comes tearing through the skirt
Of water to lap at the crusts of my minnows’ endeavour.
Hence, his master’s apologetic fervour, talk of weather the only
Venture that segregates dog from owner. What I wouldn’t steal
To barter for the proverbial confection of a day’s erasure. I’d gut
the catfish; whiff of sacrificial bloom. I always feel better in God-given weather.