----Submissions on Hold----

Encore Magazine welcomes submissions of original and unpublished essays, reviews, fiction & poetry. Please read on for specifics. Encorelit@gmail.com.

Essays should not exceed four thousand words in length. We prize style, background reading, argument, and topicality. Previously-published essays sometimes engage with the Canadian canon and culture. We have also presented discussion of specific topics in feminism, current events, and social politics. 

Reviews are best lucid. We do not wish to contribute to the culture of the soft review. Thoughtful reviews of anything are fair game, so long as the review engages with the critical tradition for literature. Preference is given to reviews of work published in the last twelve months. Reviews should not exceed four thousand words in length.

Fiction: Vitality, compression, sense of humor or the absurd, imaginative power, and exact punctuation are definitely welcome. Seven pages or fewer, please.

Poetry submissions should be comprised of 3-8 poems, not exceeding ten ordinary pages together. 

Additionally, Encore welcomes suggestions of serial or short work—i.e. poetry, speeches, or letters—that exist in the public domain, and are of exceptional interest, for the Reprint section. 

For submissions, event listings, & other enquiries, contact: Encorelit(at)gmail.com

We also accept hard-copy submissions. 

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